This pisses me off in a BIG way.

Just for starters there’s this. But, read the article. It is short and it is a doozy.

In just the last few days, virtually unnoticed by most of the news media, administration officials have:
Rejected a new Freedom of Information request for White House visitor logs (despite their announced intention to start making such documents public).
Appealed, yet again, to invoke “state secrets” to block a lawsuit that might shed light on the CIA’s extraordinary rendition of terror suspects to countries that practice torture.
Gotten Congress to pass legislation that would prevent graphic photographs of detainee abuse by the U.S. government from ever becoming public. (Update: Obama on Thursday signed into law a homeland security bill that exempts from the photos from the Freedom of Information Act.)


Executive prerogatives my ass. I say power corrupts.

Need to stay on ours too.