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April 20th, 2009
9:24 am

NYC Won’t Support Torturers? The Gonzcroft 2009 Debacle.


I made this a few weeks ago in preparation for protesting an event scheduled to take place at Radio City Music Hall at 8PM tonight.  The MSG Entertainment 2009 Speakers Series was to host a stimulating night of discussion with war criminals Alberto Gonzalez and John Ashcroft alongside Clinton era AG Janet Reno. Seemed like NYC was a strange venue for such an event. But, a fine chance to get near two of the Bush regime’s most wanted with some protest signage and shouting. 

Enjoy the Myraid descriptions of this strange event here:


Figured this image and a selection of classic Gonzo and Ashcroft images would be great signage to confront the folks that thought is was worth between $50 and $180 to hear two of the Bush administration torture program architects speak alongside Janet “Waco and Elian” Reno. 

We had been wondering who in the world would pay to see that or more specifically, who would be willing fo give these folks (two war criminals and a total failure) a dime in speakers fees.

Turns out that NYC didn’t go for it. Apparently it just couldn’t seel enough tickets or something.  The event appears to have competely disappeared from the Spearker Series website, “scrubbed”.  Almost like they never made the mistake of booking this oddball roadshow in the first place.  The only way you’d know is the banner image at the top of the schedule page.  Other than that it appears to have “disappeared” entirely.


Ticketmaster shows the following:

**THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED**Any tickets purchased by Ticketmaster Charge-By-Phone or Ticketmaster.com will be automatically credited back to the card used to order them. All tickets purchased at the box office or a Ticketmaster Ticket Center must be returned to the point of purchase to receive a refund.

April 20th, 2009
8:26 am

In Praise of the Freedom of Information Act

‘Cuz without it, they wouldn’t tell us a damn thing.

Obama only released the torture memos because he was about to lose the F.O.I.A. lawsuit by the ACLU and have the judge order them released anyway.  Check and balance. Fulcrum for leverage. No wonder the right wants to neuter the courts so badly.

Of course you have to have an idea of what to ask for. What have they done that we do not even know to ask about?  Hello whistleblowers!