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April 16th, 2009
9:33 pm

They Were Just Following Orders…

Well folks,

 It is official and I want to puke.

The Obama administration flatly REFUSES to prosecute the people that conducted the torture ordered by the Bush administration.  Never mind that international law does not give Obama an option. He is REQUIRED by international law to prosecute torture.  The Justice Department has even gone as far as to say that it would provide legal representation for these torturers in the event of other legal proceedings and that it would pay any fines that these torturers received as a result of other legal actions, such as the tortured suing the torturers.

I an appalled at this breech of the public trust and international law.  This administration has now set the precedent that if you get illegal orders and follow them, you will get off scott free.  Because after all, they were “just following orders”.  The next set of torturers that we unleash on the world know that they will not be held to account for their crimes.

Our military members are required to disobey illegal or immoral orders.  They are not allowed to claim that they were just following orders if they commit crimes.  That shameful excuse would not exonnerate their actions if they followed illegal orders. They could be prosecuted just the same.  But, the shady and poorly understood actions taken by the CIA are just fine (regardless of legality) as long as some mob lawyer like John Yoo or Gonzo says the crime is in fact legal.

Fascists love to give and follow orders.  Authoritarians you know.

There was NEVER any doubt that the waterboardings they ordered were international war crimes.  We have prosecuted others, our troops and those of other nations, for waterboarding.  No legal memo concocted by the criminals running the injustice department under Buh changed that.  Not for a second. 

Holder himself testified under oath that waterboarding is torture.  That by definition requires him to persue and prosecute the crimes he knows were committed.  That is what the Geneva Conventions demand.  So, much for restoring the integrity of the Justice Department.

These torturers are the worst scum we have foisted on the world.  Their criminal administration was among the worst of our nation’s history.

Now the guy we elected to punish these crimes and restore our respect for the law, all law, has made himself complicit. GUILTY of a cover-up. This administration now places itself in the same war criminal category by refusing to punish crimes that we are required to prosecute under international law. 

Unbelievable and unconscionable.



p.s.  If they will not prosecute the people taking the torture orders, they sure as hell better prosecute those giving the orders. But, mark my words here and now. That will not happen.  They have decided to sweep the entire ugly history right under the rug. 


Recycled as it is just about the only justice Bush will ever be brought to…

April 16th, 2009
12:54 am
April 16th, 2009
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