This is over.

America is sick of Republicans destroying this country and they are throwing them out.  Long over due IMO.  

Neoconmen lied this country into a disastrous war that did not need to be fought while ignoring the one that did.  They outed a covert CIA operative working on WMD to further their war lies.  Then they lied repeatedly under oath about it.  They have destroyed the economy with their “Reagan Republican” free market fundamentalism.  They have caused the poor and middle classes to fall far behind while enriching those that least needed it.  The disparity in class has not been larger since the Great Depression.  Now, as a result of their bogus economic polices, we are on the verge of another.  They watched as thousands died in NOLA and whined and complained when they were blamed for their inaction.  They have made us a torture state and shredded the constitution.  They have repeatedly violated International Law, Federal Law and the Uniformed Code for Military Justice.  As a result, we have never been weaker as a nation than we are right now.  

That is just a sampling of the reasons they are being disposed of.

Now as their bony claws are being pulled away from the power they have wielded, they have become ever more dishonest, belligerent and divisive.  Their rallies, their websites and their advertising have become outright hate-fests.  John McCain has sold out his honor with his lies and smears while seeking the power that he will never get.  He even hired the same dirty operatives that tanked him in 2000 with another ugly, racist smear campaign.  He will go down as a sad and tragic victim of the lust for power.  Power he will not get after destroying his own reputation in the quest for it.

You Republicans have utterly blown it and are being shoved into the box you crawled out of.  Hopefully, you will stay there and the word “conservative” become as reviled as you made the word “liberal” for the past two decades.  That is the least you deserve for the damage you have done to this country.  

I hope you hate the next four or eight years as much as those of us that have fought your crimes for the last eight have hated watching you destroy this country that we love.

That ends NOW.  

BTW – Where’s Osama?

Distressed American