Just thought that I’d note that I just got back from the new Woodstock concert museum in Bethel, NY. 


It was very cool.  McCain did not like his much talked about 1 million dollars going to the project memorializing what he called a major “cultural and pharmaceutical event”.  I’d much prefer that million going to celebrate resistance to unneccessary and immoral wars than going to pay for about 4 WHOLE minutes of killing people in Iraq.

He can bitch about ear marks til the cows come home for all I care.  Here’s what his bogus and illegal war are costing us:

Per Month – $10.3 billion
Per Week – $2.4 billion
Per Day – $343 million
Per Hour – $14 million
Per Minute – $238,425
Per Second – $3,973

Those numbers can be found along with many interesting tidbits in the following congressional report on the cost of the war:


Bet McCain can’t be found talking about the cost of a hundred year presense in Iraq. 

So, John, when you are ready to end this bullshit war, you let me know. That is when your whining about out of control spending will make some sense to me. Until then you are just another governmental hypocrite!