Glad to see that controversy over her gratuitously dropping “the other F-word” didn’t keep Ann from having a good time!

Say, have you heard about the Republican party’s new Jeff Gannon, Matt Sanchez/Rod Majors (on the right)? 

Turns out he’s an ex-marine who has been a darling of the right wing for some time appearing on Hannity and Colmbes, O’Reilley, Etc.  Hannity lauded him as a “a great American”.  Most recently he was at the CPAC convention being honored as an outstanding example of conservative student leadership. 

Well, it just so happens that Matt’s an ex-gay porn star and “male escort” who used to go by the name Rod Majors.  Oops!

Does the irony ever stop with these people?



Porn free

Left-wing blogs gleefully outed my gay porn past after I criticized antiwar zealots. But the truth has set me free.

By Matt Sanchez


Then came last weekend. I was invited to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, an annual convention of the right attended by more than 5,000 people, to accept the Jeanne Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award. It was recognition for what I’d said in print and on-air about anti-military attitudes on campus. During CPAC, I had my picture taken with the controversial conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter.

Coulter’s comments about John Edwards drew unprecedented attention to this year’s CPAC. Then, after a while, some of that attention was turned on me.

It was cold on Tuesday morning in Manhattan, and I was late for classes. I was a bit groggy from studying for my midterms and working full time at a marketing firm where I’d just made partner. I don’t drink coffee, and in my morning haze, I didn’t notice the messages piling up on my BlackBerry. Once I looked, I realized there was a lot of hate mail mixed in with the spam.

 Several bloggers were posting pictures of me and Coulter together and noting, gleefully, that the guy with his arm around the waist of the woman who called Edwards a faggot had, once upon a time, acted in adult films.

Some of the sites were comparing me to Rich Merritt, a Marine Corps captain who appeared in gay films. Others were comparing me to Jeff Gannon and claiming that I too had advertised my services as a male escort. I won’t deny it, or that I acted in several adult movies 15 years ago under names like Pierre LaBranche and Rod Majors.